Treatment of BPH the most effective and cheap medications: how to treat?

BPH or hyperplasia, is called the abnormal growth of the tissues of the affected organ, the appearance of benign tumors.

For the treatment of BPH, should be selected the most effective drugs, the rating and the list of which will be discussed further. In this case, prediction of a favorable treatment, as when time begun treatment, it is possible to do without surgery.

adenoma of the prostate disease

Is it possible to cure without surgery?

Advanced forms of the disease requires surgery. It is necessary, if the prostate reaches a size of 80 mm or more.

In all other cases, you can do medical drugs, physiotherapeutic procedures and nutrition. Will have to give up bad habits, change their way of life and strictly follow the doctor's recommendations.

To seek help you need at the first signs of disease.

The adenoma grows and develops over 10-15 years, but the initial symptoms after a few months. The main symptoms of the initial stage of development:

  • a little more frequent urination (especially at night);
  • persistent, poorly controlled impulses;
  • urine flow becomes thinner.

The treatment started at this point, the vast majority of cases allows to do without surgery. It lasts longer, about 12 years, after which, there comes a gradual deterioration.

For the second stage of progression of the adenoma is characterized by:

  • dark urine, mixed with blood and purulent discharge;
  • severe pain in the abdomen and lower back;
  • bladder to not fully empty;
  • when urinating, urine flow thinning even more;
  • burning and itching in the urethra;
  • sexual desire decreases or disappears;
  • constant thirst.

The third stage of the disease is very dangerous not only for health, but for life. This will only hospitalization and subsequent surgery. Otherwise, the pathology will rapidly progress, causing the associated disease, bladder infection, kidneys, which will lead to death.

What medicines are used in treatment?

pills BPH

The initial stage of the disease requires an integrated approach to treatment. Therefore, the doctor prescribes several medications that complement the mutual action. Medicines designed to reduce the size of benign prostatic tumor, improve blood circulation, normalize urination.

After seeking medical attention, examination and diagnosis are assigned to some different groups of drugs:

When severe pain, the urologist may prescribe analgesics (painkillers). They can be in the form of tablets and in form of injection. Good results in the adenoma, give nonsteroidal funds that have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.

Alpha-blockers cannot be used in the presence of infectious lesions, and the duration of admission is strictly limited and individually.

Antibiotics hyperplasia are obligatory condition of successful treatment, especially in bacterial form. At home, you can take the following groups of drugs:

Especially effective antibiotics in case of bacterial infection in the urinary tract, bladder.

Used for simultaneous administration with alpha-blockers, to enhance the therapeutic effect. Anticholinergics are involved in blocking the increased action of the primary neurotransmitter on the muscle of the bladder. They take increased swelling, normalizes microcirculation in the affected tissues and allow you to control urination.

Any disease requires additional intake of vitamin complexes aimed at strengthening the immune system. In combination with traditional therapy, they have a beneficial effect on the diseased tissue of the prostate. During this period, older men in need of the following vitamins and minerals:

In therapy include and special herbal supplements (dietary Supplements), which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They perfectly relieve swelling and inflammation, help to reduce the size of cancer.

Represent the introduction into the rectum of medicinal liquids or herbal decoctions, in the amount of 30-60 ml of the Composition of such fluids will depend on the form of the disease and its stage of development.

Microclysters are drug or drug-herb, with a decoction of chamomile or St. John's wort. In addition, the composition of mikroklizm add antibiotics to remove the inflammation. The liquid temperature should be comfortable (40-45 degrees), and perform the procedure after defecation, preferably overnight.

In addition to the injections of antibiotics if prostate hyperplasia use of other injectable forms of drugs. They help to reduce the number of leukocytes in secretions from the prostate, restoring proper blood flow to tissues, helps to activate the production of sperm. Such injections include:

With the help of these medications you can quickly relieve pain, swelling and inflammation of the organ.

treatment of BPH

List used drugs

When you visit a doctor, you need to tell him about all the previously transferred diseases, so he could find the right medication.

Most often therapy of the adenoma using a combination of drugs, which includes not only the best medications, but medications plant-based, hormone or anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy.

It is based on non-hormonal natural ingredients: extract of Brussels sprouts and green tea extract. They have a strong antitumor effect, is completely safe and combined with any drugs. Means take 2 capsules per day for 3-6 months.

Belongs to the group of blockers. Reduces the muscle tone of the urethra, and accelerates the flow of urine, eliminates frequent urge.

The drug is quite strong and can cause many adverse reactions, but special care should be taken people with liver. Drink it 2 tablets a day, for a very long time (up to years).

Available in the form of tablets to dissolve, quickly eliminates fluid stagnation in the tissues, eliminates puffiness, increases testosterone levels, reduces the viscosity of semen, reduces inflammation.

Virtually no contraindications, and adverse reactions. Throughout the day you can take no more than 3 tablets, and the full course of therapy is from 4 to 14 weeks.

This drug also belongs to the group of alpha-blockers and successfully used for the treatment of BPH. Take them 1 tablet strictly on prescription. As with any blocker, can cause a sharp decrease in pressure and has a lot of contraindications.

It's a completely natural product, on plant basis, with the addition of vitamin E. it is recommended to Take a month, twice a day, at equal intervals of time. It effectively reduces the size of the prostate eliminates inflammation in the connective tissues, restores sexual function.

Active substances drotaverine has antispasmodic and vasodilatory effect, able to relieve pain and fever. Is contraindicated in severe diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart failure.

Medications for improving blood flow in the pelvis. Increases vascular tone, reduces the distensibility of veins, normalizes the process of urination, clears your prostate of harmful substances and toxins.