How to cure phimosis

Phimosis is characterized by a persistent narrowing of the foreskin and the lack of full opening of the glans penis. In children, this condition is not considered a disease and in most cases disappears without medical intervention. In adult men, phimosis is manifested painful symptoms and requires skilled medical care.

In the treatment of disease practiced conservative and surgical methods of stretch or removal of the foreskin. How to cure the phimosis, it is well known doctors of narrow specialization, for example, the urologist. After examination of the patient they offer the most gentle method of therapy, unable to provoke any complications.

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Basic principles

On examination, the patient urologists often offer men the surgical one. Patients avoid surgery, despite the fact that it is due to sharp or the complete removal of the foreskin. The disease often causes severe complications. In the diagnosis of 1 or 2 severity of pathology in men assigned to conservative treatment with special ointments and methods for stretching tissues in the penis. This therapy is quite effective and helps to avoid surgical intervention in 80% of cases. In the absence of positive results of conservative treatment of the patient shown operation.

If the boy as they Mature physiological phimosis persists, then parents should not postpone visit to the doctor. Partial opening of the glans penis leads to frequent inflammatory process, and also makes the fabric more rough. In addition, such a condition becomes a cause of psychological discomfort of the child or adolescent, which is highly undesirable at this age. What is the correct approach to the treatment of phimosis:

  • the earliest possible start of treatment, which avoids the destructive-degenerative changes in the tissues;
  • a full examination of the patient;
  • the use of non-pharmacological methods only with the consent of the urologist.

Disregard for medical recommendations in the future will trigger numerous complications painful erections and intercourse and in some cases impotence. You should not consider phimosis a sensitive issue, as in adults, this disease requires immediate treatment.

Treatment of phimosis by means of surgical operations you can quickly get rid of the negative symptoms and avoid complications


treatment ointments

The use of methods of drug therapy in adult men allows you to increase the elasticity of the foreskin. Conservative treatment of phimosis consists of combining its tension with the use of external funds. The greatest therapeutic efficiency characteristic of ointments, creams and gels, active ingredients of which are corticosteroids.

The main contraindications to the use of ointments and creams with corticosteroids are an acute or chronic inflammatory processes provoked by viruses, bacteria or pathogenic fungi. Despite the external use of steroid hormones, they penetrate into the blood stream and gradually accumulate in the tissues. Exceeding the recommended urologist daily and single doses, as well as the duration of the therapeutic course will be the cause of allergies and a sharp decline in immunity.

Disregard medical recommendations will lead to the development of pathological conditions:

  • thinning of the skin;
  • change the color of the skin of the penis;
  • irreversible deformation of the blood and lymph vessels.

What hormonal ointments you can use men prescribed only by a doctor, which necessarily takes into account the overall health of the patient and the presence of chronic pathologies of the liver and kidneys. In the absence of contraindications external preparations significantly accelerate the treatment of phimosis due to softening and improving the elasticity of the foreskin. In the process of therapy, the man should regularly visit the urologist to carry out control surveys.

To treat phimosis at home help ointments with corticosteroids, which have anti-inflammatory action

Non-drug treatment or a stretching of the foreskin

The treatment of phimosis has been practiced for several decades, although the attitude of urologists towards him is ambiguous. Many doctors believe it is ineffective, overly long and offer to do the surgery. But thanks to the original statistical studies found correlations between the probability of occurrence of congenital phimosis and ways of Masturbation.

Was put forward theories about the possible treatment of the disease a gradual stretching of the foreskin. Before using, drug treatment requires a consultation and examination by a specialist, as well as constant medical supervision.

treatment of phimosis

In the process of therapy, observe the following rules:

  • the regularity of tension of the foreskin;
  • gradual stretching, it prevents pain and other discomfort.

The main method of conservative treatment of congenital phimosis — exposure of the glans penis during Masturbation. Daily manipulations should be carried out for 15 minutes. If men diagnosed pathology of the first degree, the implementation of medical recommendations will help to get rid of a disease in a 2-1,5 months without surgery. Another effective method of treatment of the tension of the foreskin on the glans penis. These manipulations are advantageously carried out during the hygiene procedures and after emptying the bladder. To pull the foreskin slowly and gently until the occurrence of mild pain.

In the treatment of phimosis practiced technique and finger stretching. Its implementation should proceed with caution and avoid pain. To stretch, you must gently enter in the praeputium bag fingers and gradually breed them. The duration of the therapeutic course ranges from one to several months. If in the process of treating phimosis on the skin or mucous membranes have any redness, swelling or microtrauma, then manipulation should be discontinued immediately and to contact for inspection and appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs to the urologist.

At the initial stage of phimosis pathology responds well to treatment with the method of stretching the foreskin

Antiseptic solutions

To treat phimosis at home is necessary only in conditions of maximum sterility. Otherwise, even with a slight injury will occur infection of the foreskin pathogenic bacteria. To avoid the development of events in such a negative scenario will help the right approach to therapy. Before carrying out these procedures should take a warm bath, adding a strong infusion of herbs:

  • succession,
  • St. John's wort,
  • chamomile.

Concentration of herbal solution should be high enough that the water in the bath was painted in a yellowish color.

It is impossible to sharply move the foreskin because gross exposure will cause tissue damage and the formation of the inflammatory focus. To improve sliding, you can use mineral oil, preferably sterile. Such preventive measures urologists recommend the use in the treatment of children. A grown man is quite able to dispense with the bath, confining a warm shower. But antiseptic solutions should be used in any case. It is strictly forbidden to handle the skin with strong disinfectants: brilliant green, iodine.

Before conducting medical procedures and after them should be applied to the skin of the penis antiseptic solutions.

Drugs have powerful antimicrobial and antifungal activity, contribute to the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes. If there is minor injury to the foreskin, it will help the ointments that speed up the healing.

phimosis operation


The quality of surgical intervention is directly based on where you need to treat phimosis. When choosing you should consider the qualifications of the doctor who carries out the operation and capabilities of the clinic. In the appointment of the surgical techniques the doctor takes into account the severity of the disease, patient age and presence of chronic diseases in anamnesis. As a rule, the operation does not require the use of funds for General anesthesia. Indications for the use of such drugs are:

  • children's age;
  • heightened tension and anxiety;
  • individual sensitivity to the drugs.

Funds for General anesthesia may be applied at the personal request of a man or parents of the child. To get rid of phimosis is possible with the classical operation, which lasts 45-60 minutes. The penis has many blood vessels, so during this surgical manipulation can result in increased bleeding. Cropping is characterized by relatively long recovery period (3-4 weeks), during which felt mild pain, there is swelling of the tissues. To accelerate regeneration and reduce the severity of the clinical manifestations of the patient are assigned to the system and external drugs.

If the treatment of phimosis is applied to the laser, the bleeding occurs due to the instantaneous sealing of damaged tissues and vessels. Duration of surgery is only 20-25 minutes, after which the patient is discharged for further recovery at home. For rehabilitation period is not characterized by severe pain and swelling of tissues. Usually complete healing of the body happens during the week.

Typically, the fusion of the foreskin, unpleasant and frightening pathology for men, Teens and boys. Phimosis threat and as a separate disease, and as a condition capable of provoking numerous complications. You should not try to fix the problem yourself at home, and it is better to seek professional medical help.