Phimosis in men: treatment at home

The disease that concerns only men, defined as phimosis. The essence of the disease is a critical narrowing of the foreskin. According to the researches, it was found that the phimosis is genetic in nature and for more accurate root cause specialists was not found. Fortunately, this pathology can be eliminated not only surgery, but also treatment at home.

phimosis in men

Symptoms and possible causes

A prerequisite to the development of phimosis can be received by a man injured. In addition, the disease can be triggered by inflammation, infection.

Please note! Phimosis is a pathological process, which itself does not pass, so you must know how it can be treated with the help of medicine.

Among the major signs of development of phimosis are the following:

  1. First, the development of the disease may be characterized by a lack of disclosure of the head during erection.
  2. In the second stage, the pathological process progresses so that the foreskin does not allow to fully strip the head or the process is very difficult.
  3. The third stage is accompanied with pain, because the member in erection can not bare the glans, the foreskin is so overgrown that it is possible the bleeding.
  4. At the last stage a man is experiencing severe suffering. There is an acute pain during urination, the temperature rises sharply in terms of potency problems begin. Palpation of the inguinal area it is possible to feel enlarged lymph nodes.

Help! If men started to have problems with the fact that the foreskin is overgrown, you should immediately consult a doctor and take action. After the restoration of the foreskin without the interference occurs in boys only up to three years.

What are the types of phimosis?

In accordance with the pathological state experts have identified two types of disease:

  1. Hypertrophic. When it is observed the excess of the foreskin, which is caused by overweight men or physiological characteristics.
  2. Scar. As a result of injuries of the penis may develop a deficiency of epidermal structures.

The most frequent among adult males remains the preservation of pathology of children's age, which is due to abnormal development of connective tissue. Therefore, the development of phimosis are directly associated with hereditary factors.

How pathology can affect sex life?

The initial stage of narrowing of the foreskin can absolutely not cause any discomfort to the man during urination and sexual intercourse. Therefore, patients admit a major mistake – the refusal of treatment at the initial stage, and this leads to serious complications.

Almost all patients reported that this pathological process is influenced by the quality of sexual life and often leads to a complete cessation of it. Among all the complaints, you can highlight the most common:

phimosis in men symptoms
  1. The sensitivity of the head is mitigated. This is due to the estate of the foreskin.
  2. During sexual intercourse the man feels discomfort, which can sometimes manifest as acute pain. In advanced stages, bleeding may occur.
  3. Occurs uncharacteristic premature ejaculation.
  4. Drastically reduced libido.

The result is sexual dysfunction. Thus, if not treated phimosis, this can lead not only to infertility but also to the development of malignant tumors.

Phimosis or paraphimosis?

There are two similar in name and the meaning of concepts that define male disease. Phimosis is a pathology in which critically narrows the opening of the foreskin. As a result, the head cannot denude, as it is in normal condition. Prerequisites to the development of illness is the scarring or inflammation of a chronic nature. Pathology can last from childhood or in the Mature form already. Very often, to resolve the problem, resort to the procedure of circumcision. It can be both full and partial. But in cases that are not running, you can do a local treatment.

Paraphimosis is constriction rings for penis. Pathology occurs because of delayed access to medical care in case of problems with the exposure head. Eliminates the disease or treatment, special medications, or by surgery that is performed under local anesthesia.

Whom to contact?

For the diagnosis of the disease and more detailed advice about narrowing of the foreskin, you need to see a specialist. If you can not find a highly specialized doctor, you can visit the urologist. After ascertaining the medical history and examination, redirect the patient to the surgeon. The main thing that the man remembered that, the sooner he will take action, the better the chances to cure the disease and not become a victim of the consequences.

What are the implications?

If the patient ignores the problem at an early stage with the hope of self-healing, it increases the likelihood of the following consequences:

  1. Phimosis may be the reason for the formation of kidney stones.
  2. Cancer of the penis.
  3. Delayed elimination of phimosis leads to complication paraphimosis.
  4. The development of infection in the bladder.
  5. One of the easiest consequences is the high temperature.
  6. The last stage of the disease can provoke gangrene.

It is important! It is noteworthy that for any man not so dangerous a disease as untimely provided therapy.

phimosis in men treatment

How to cure without surgery?

If we talk about the initial stages of the pathological process, it gives minor discomfort and a man may correct his own. But, in the case of ignoring the disease, it will progress and will lead to the extreme method of treatment – surgery (circumcision). The second and third stage is characterized by heightened pain that are forced to stop even sexual life. So get rid of the phimosis without surgical intervention if the disease is not in the form of neglect.

As help ointments?

There are preparations for local treatment in the form of ointments, can be used in the home treatment.

Recommendation! That's just it's best to consult your doctor rather than relying on the competence of the pharmacist, because the sexual health for men is very important.

The treatment process is quite simple and requires application of the ointment on the penis twice a day. The affected area is treated with a thin layer of ointment over two to three months. The effect of this therapy is that the active substance ointments contribute to the increase of connective tissue. Thus, the fabric is able to stretch. In addition, medications in this group are not only hormonal drugs, but also antiseptics. If the head is seen inflammation, it is recommended to use a combination of ointments.

There are drugs that can stretch the fabric. Thus, the fabric becomes elastic, and arranged to stretch. Before you apply the ointment, it is recommended to treat the problem area with antiseptic or potassium permanganate solution. You can also use chamomile tea, but he is too weak antibacterial action. Apply ointment should twice a day. If treatment occurs with steroid drugs, it is necessary to study in detail all existing contraindications.

It is important! If the disease manifested itself in the boy, then corticosteroid ointments is not the way. This type of drugs are used exclusively for adult men and contributes to the rapid elimination of disease in the home.

Application of the method of stretching as treatment

To get rid of the pathology independently, you can stretch the foreskin. This procedure is carried out using special devices or just in manual mode. While adult men will be more effective instrumental method, while for children and adolescents used manual stretching.

It is very important when using stretch to completely abandon the sexual contacts.

Recommendations on the procedure:

  1. If the stretching is made manually, the pre-nails are clipped, hands washed and treated with antiseptic.
  2. Then within half an hour the patient should take a sitz herbal bath that the foreskin was soft and was ready to stretch.
  3. During the procedure there may be painful sensation. They can be significantly reduced by using lubricants or ointments.
  4. The procedure involves the introduction of the fingers into the holes of the foreskin and stretching it in different directions within fifteen minutes.
  5. At the completion of the procedure, you can begin to use popular recipes that will help prevent inflammation.
  6. Manipulation can be performed up to three times a day, if not painful sensations.

Mandatory sexual organ after the procedure, stretching is necessary to process an antiseptic medicines. If on the glans or foreskin have formed cracks, then apply ointment that heals.

phimosis in men, the popular treatment

Folk treatment of phimosis

The method of treatment Brief characteristics
The juice of the agave If phimosis is accompanied by inflammatory process, it is recommended to apply the fresh juice of the agave. Prepared the juice with a syringe or small Turkey Baster is inserted into the cavity of the foreskin. This manipulation should be carried out immediately before bedtime once a day. Improvement can be observed after two days of use juice
An infusion of marigold Herbal remedy used as compresses to heal wounds and prevent inflammation. Take one spoon of a dry herbal mixture and pour a glass of boiling water. Within thirty minutes the mask is infused. Then, you should strain and you can begin treatment. Put the poultice before bed
Herbal For cooking and medicinal broth will need a spoon of a dry mix of chamomile, succession, marigold. All this is poured boiling water and infuse for twenty minutes. In fact the preparation of the means used to sitz baths. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to add in herbal decoction of a spoonful of baking soda (helps to stretch the tissues)
A decoction of barley For cleaning you need to prepare a decoction of barley. On half a Cup of beans does a pint of boiling water. To infuse the tool must during the day, and then ready to use

If you need surgery?

Keep in mind that the treatment of alternative medicine, as well as using local products should be used only at the beginning of the development of phimosis. If the situation is complicated, it is assigned to surgical treatment. Circumcision is shown in the following cases:

  1. When the tissues of necrosis.
  2. Paraphimosis develops (that is, the head is compressed by the ring). This phenomenon often leads to gangrene.
  3. The process of degeneration of the head and the foreskin also needs urgent circumcision.
  4. Critical narrowing which leads to difficulty urinating.
  5. The suppuration.
  6. The formation of an inflammatory process.
  7. Balanitis.

If carried out correctly timely surgical treatment, the patient not to worry – it is waiting for fast recovery and rehabilitation in the fastest time possible.

Caution! We cannot allow the process of gangrene or necrosis, because then you cannot save the ability to have children.

To maintain men's health and prevent problems in sexual life, must at the first signs of phimosis, to see a specialist and not to delay treatment. In the worst case have to resort to surgery.