The treatment of prostate cancer with the help of exercise

Prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease of the genitourinary system among the male population. If before the disease caught up with men, today they are younger. 10% of men are facing problems even after twenty years. One of the reasons that cause pathology of the prostate sedentary lifestyle, leading to stagnation in the pelvic area. In order to effectively fight diseases, increase mobility and to perform regular exercises from prostatitis and BPH.

benign prostatic hyperplasia exercise

Is it permissible physical activity in the prostate adenoma

Before you figure out what physical exercises at the adenoma of prostate in men when prostate is useful and how to run them, we will understand what is this disease and how to appear.

Prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate. Using existing prostate channels pathogens and infections fall into the gland, causing inflammation. The prostate increases and puts pressure on adjacent organs.

Are the following features:

  • cramps and aching pain in the lower abdomen;
  • violation of the process of urine;
  • frequent urge to the toilet at night;
  • the inability to completely empty the bladder;
  • failure of erectile function;
  • pain during intercourse;
  • the appearance of blood in urine, and purulent discharge.

Often, the pathology does not manifest itself and be diagnosed only through ultrasound examination and laboratory tests.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a pathology which manifests in the growth in the volume of glands located in the mucosa of the spongy part of the channel of urination in men, which is benign in nature.

Another name adenoma – hyperplasia of the prostate. Hyperplasia has three stages:

  1. Offset (start). Manifested in the delay of output of urine. A trickle of sluggish and weak, at night patients concerned about frequent urination in the toilet. Stage lasts from one year to three years. While the bladder is emptied completely.
  2. Sub offset. At this stage compresses the urethra, causing the bladder ceases to function normally. He emptied not until the end that is felt by the patient. Over time, partial filling of the bladder urine involuntarily comes out in small portions. The color of it changes, it becomes cloudy and in the urine there is a small amount of blood.
  3. Decompensated. At this stage in the bladder is a lot of urine, which it stretches. Urine stands drops because of stagnation dark and it appears blood.

There are the following common signs of disease:

  • difficulties at the beginning of the selection of urine;
  • more frequent urge to go to the toilet;
  • the inability to completely empty the bladder;
  • interruption of urine output in the process of bowel movement;
  • the tension in the lower abdomen during urination;
  • a weak stream of urine;
  • the permanent stagnation of urine, which leads to the development of chronic diseases of an infectious nature;
  • failure of kidney health;
  • the appearance of stones in the organs of the excretory system;
  • a constant delay of urine.

The symptoms manifest themselves as individually and in complex combination. Detection of at least one of the symptoms is a good enough reason for a visit to the doctor.

When the first signs of the disease should immediately begin to actively fight against it, to prevent neglect of the disease. Together with therapy, which will prescribe the doctor, it is helpful to do the exercises for prostatitis and adenoma. They improve the supply of organs of small pelvis blood fluid in it and normalize metabolic processes.

the symptoms of BPH

When performing a physical exercise should follow some recommendations:

  1. To avoid power loads in the area of the pelvis. They are contraindicated, since their overabundance leads to micro injury of the prostate and cause pathology in the severe degree.
  2. To select who proved in practice the effectiveness of sports and exercise. These include riding horses, Biking, playing by different methods. Useful are yoga, swimming and active sports.
  3. To prevent discomfort when performing compound exercises. The appearance of the pain training is terminated.

For prostatitis and adenoma physiotherapy benefit only in moderation. Excessive load is contraindicated because of the risk of development of acute illness.

The benefits of exercise for prostatitis and BPH

When assigning the primary treatment of the disease doctors recommended as supportive measures to get rid of diseases and to prevent them to do physical exercise. The complex is designed with an individual approach and taking into account the characteristics of the disease and the patient's age.

The benefits of exercise is:

  1. Increase the strength of pelvic floor muscles, the perineum, the anterior region of the abdomen and back. This leads to a relief control urination, elimination of pain and other symptoms of disease.
  2. Improving blood circulation in the prostate and neighboring tissues. This helps to remove stagnation in the organs and reduce the chance of occurrence of infectious complications and inflammatory properties.
  3. Stop the proliferation of the adenoma.
  4. Reducing the possibility of transition of prostatitis to a chronic stage.
  5. To reduce the likelihood of complications.
  6. Reduction of rehabilitation time after surgery to remove the adenoma.

In addition to these effective effects, exercises a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional health of the patient, normalize sexual activity and improve erectile function.

Types of exercises

Classes with prostate problems are developed for a person who suffers from the disease, individually. They take into account the characteristics of the disease and its stage, as well as physical fitness of the patient.

Classes should not lead to fatigue and injury. When you neglect diseases initial classes are held in the pool under the supervision of a physician.

Sets of exercises, depending on the direction of impact and efficiency, are divided into three types.

types of exercises

Static exercises

The essence of this type of exercise is short-lived muscle tension, which ends with relaxation. Power loading at this. Tissue muscles gently stretch, providing extra blood flow and remove stagnation.

Positive results are as follows:

  1. Accelerated metabolic processes and recovery of cells in the area of the prostate.
  2. Speeding up blood circulation, which leads to improved operability of the gland and getting rid of inflammation.
  3. Increases the tone of bladder muscles and normalizes the process of withdrawing urine.

Static charging is widely used by patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Dynamic gymnastics

The focus of this view is the achievement of specific performance when the goal is to run a certain distance, sit a certain number of times, swim for a set amount of time, etc. Fans of dynamic exercise – active people, easily transferring metered load.

Types of such exercises:

  1. Walking or Jogging. When choosing this type of unacceptable overheating and excessive cooling, so the choice of clothing to stop wearing underwear of breathable fabrics.
  2. Swimming in reservoirs. This kind is beneficial to prostate health. Classes in the pool, it is recommended to combine with the implementation of water gymnastics.
  3. Cycling.
  4. Horse riding.

Dynamic exercises in a severe disease are excluded.

Exercises for the whole body

The purpose of the exercise workout all body parts. Classes are engaging all the muscles and has a positive impact on the functioning of the male genitourinary system.When practicing it is preferable to perform squatting, bending, light stretching and the adoption of certain provisions installed for a short period.

Such a perfect exercise for disease prevention and treatment in the last stages, as the first two in this period can harm the body.

Gymnastic classes for prostatitis and BPH, it is preferable to outdoors. It has a positive effect on psycho-emotional state men: relieves irritation, improves sleep and mood.

Technique Kegel

Initially the exercises were supposed to treat women. Kegel, noting favorable effects of exercise on the urinary organs, added to the complex, adapting it for use in the treatment of men. A distinctive feature of the methodology – the impact on the muscles of the pubic part. Throughout the sessions, patients learn to control the muscle that helps to bring to normal, the process of urine.

The stages of the gymnastics Kegel:

  1. To strain the pelvic muscles and hold them in tension to 5 – 7 seconds. To relax the muscles.
  2. Intense stretch and relax the pelvic muscles.
  3. To strain muscles during defecation urine.
dynamic exercises

When practicing, assume a gradual increase of load with 5 repetitions to 70. The number of daily approaches also increased from 2 to 5. To increase efficiency when you exercise under the crotch put the balls for the game of tennis.

Classes don't take a lot of time. The main condition is the regularity and temperance of their conduct. Pick up set of exercises will help the doctor.


Auxiliary method in the treatment of prostate yoga.

The Internet presents the following set of exercises illustrated with photos and video:

  1. Breathing exercises. With my eyes closed to concentrate on the inhale and exhale.
  2. Relaxing exercises. In the supine position to relax the body from the feet to the apex.
  3. Pose "triangle". Standing on widely separated legs. Back to keep straight. To bend down, clasp both hands right foot and stick your face in the knee. To stay in this position for 15 seconds. The same repeat with the left leg.
  4. The position "closed ring". Lying face down, raise your upper body and legs. To clasp hands and ankles to linger for 30 seconds.
  5. Posture "eagle". Left leg to the floor bent at the knee, the right start for the thigh and lower leg left. To stay in the position for a moment. To change feet.

Applicable and other postures of yoga. But the pathologies of the prostate matched those that lead to tension of the pelvic muscles and organs, muscles and glands.


Disease prostate it is recommended to conduct physical therapy. The complexes are designed to perform in all positions of the body.

Exercises lying face up:

  1. Lifting the pelvis with simultaneous dilution of the knees. Three approaches a day for six repetitions.
  2. Alternate pulling up to the abdomen bent at the knees. Twice a day for five times.
  3. By relying on your hands and knees bent leg pelvic thrusts to the right (on inspiration) and to the left (exhale).

Class standing:

  1. Of torso to the right and left side for 30 times.
  2. Leg swings forward and back for 100 reps.
  3. Which alternate low and high jumps on both legs. Originally 50 times, gradually brought to 300 jumps.
  4. The floor squats. Fingers squeeze into the lock and put it on the back of the head. On the exhale, sit down at the same time spreading my knees and lowering his hands on his chest. On the inhale slowly return to the initial pose.
  5. With lowered hands alternate lifting right and left hip with the knee bent.
  6. Rotation of the pelvis five times in each direction.

Exercises in position lying on their side are from the original provisions: if on the right side, the left the right hand holding her head, and left the emphasis in gender and Vice versa.

Exercises the following:

  1. Lying on his left side in the initial position, to perform the raising and lowering of the straightening of the right leg five times. Turned over to the other side to do the same with the left leg.
  2. The execution order of exercises as the previous one, but after each lift the foot to roll over to the other side.
  3. Perform movements imitating a scissors, alternating 10 times on each side: the right leg is displayed forward, the left back and Vice versa.

If you wish to know and correctly perform exercises for getting rid of diseases of the prostate can find video tutorials on the Internet. There are exercises from a sitting position and lying face down, and abdominal breathing.

There is no need to perform all the exercises. Enough of those who like, work and not cause difficulties and complications of the disease.

prevention of adenoma

Preventive measures that improve the potency

There is a set of exercises not only enhances the effects of therapeutic interventions in prostate problems and improves male sexual activity. He purposefully affects the prostate, thereby activating the sperm.

We recommend the following exercises:

  1. Sit comfortably with stretched legs on a flat surface. To "walk" on the buttocks forward. To perform 30 steps three times a day.
  2. Sitting in the previous position, perform 60 maximum tilt forward. You can split the number into three approaches.
  3. Standing, perform 20 strokes alternately right and left leg to the side. To do three times a day.
  4. Standing on separated at shoulder width the legs, to carry 20 tilts to the side three times a day.
  5. Comfortable to lie down face up on a flat surface. Propping your lower back with your hands, lift up the straight leg and hold for 10 minutes. To perform the three approaches.

After reaching man forty years of age is recommended in order to prevent carry-massaging the prostate to prevent inflammation and the problem of sexual plan. Manipulations are carried out with full bladder, so iron was in a stationary condition.

Self massage is permitted only for preventive purposes in the absence of pathologies. Common diseases of the prostate manipulations are carried out by a doctor.